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Schools will continue to offer online lessons in Azerbaijan

Students will not have to wear masks at school.

Online lessons will continue in Azerbaijan during the 2021-2022 academic year, according to Education Minister Emin Amrullayev. According to him, more than 10,000 video lessons were prepared during the pandemic.

The Minister also noted that the five-day delay in the start of the school year will be made up by throughout the year by shortening holidays, making clear that the start of the school year on 22 September instead of 15 September will not mean a reduction in the school year itself.

Amrullayev also did not rule out the introduction of distance learning in higher education, stating that, "as the pandemic continues, it is not in accordance with the rules to hold lectures in auditoriums for 50-60 people. Certain classes may be held remotely in accordance with the internal curriculum of educational institutions."

Adviser to the Minister of Education Rustam Agayev, who attended the briefing, said that a monitoring group has been set up together with the Agency for Quality Assurance in Education to check on schools throughout the year.

As for the issue of students wearing masks at school, Rustam Agayev said it will not be mandatory.

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