MP Eldaniz Salimov has been arrested

Milli Majlis Member Eldaniz Salimov has been arrested. On 3 August, a judge in the Binagadi District Court granted the prosecutor's request that he be detained during the investigation into his alleged attack on an employee. The deputy was sentenced to three months in prison for the preliminary investigation.

Salimov and his lawyer objected to a preliminary detention, emphasizing that there was no need to detain him during the investigation. The lawyer said that his client was working with authorities and would cooperate with the investigation

The detective defended the prosecutor's proposal and demanded that Eldaniz Salimov be remanded in custody.

After a brief hearing, the judge announced that the detention had been granted.

The 45-year-old member of parliament is accused of beating Zaur Mirzayev, an employee of the Khachmaz Region Registration and Identity Card Department, on 29 July at the Stary Dvor restaurant in the Khachmaz region. He was charged under Article 309.2 of the Criminal Code (use of force in excess of official authority).

This charge carries a sentence of three to eight years in prison if found guilty, as well as three years of deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities as an additional penalty.

Despite Salimov's arrest, he will remain a member of parliament. According to Article 89 of the Constitution, in such cases, E. Salimov must either voluntarily resign from the mandate, or there must be a valid court verdict on his guilt.

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