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Meydan TV's social media channels target of digital attack

A large amount of content was deleted from the media organization's Facebook and Instagram accounts.

On the morning of 18 June, Meydan TV's social network accounts were the target of a digital attack. On the Azerbaijani-language Facebook page, all content going back to 2018 was deleted. Instagram was also targeted, with 2 months worth of content being deleted.

Meydan TV first informed its viewers on all of its social media channels a few hours after the attack took place.

This is not the first time that Meydan TV has been the target of hack attacks.

On 10 May 2019, hackers gained control of the page and deleted all the content of the Russian-language page, as well as a few weeks of Azerbaijani-language content. Ar the same time, large scale DDoS attacks were launched on the website, rendering it out of service for many hours.

On 29 January 2018, Meydan TV's Facebook page was attacked by hackers, and over 100,000 followers were deleted.

Since the beginning of January of that year, there have been attacks on the pages and e-mail addresses of Meydan TV employees. In addition, complaints were filed against Meydan TV's YouTube account with accusations of fake copyrights.

Commenting on the incident, media lawyer Khalid Agaliyev recalled that Azerbaijan joined the Convention on Cybercrime 11 years ago:

"Our country has promised to take the necessary measures to classify illegal access to information systems, illegal seizure, content interference as a criminal act," he said. Seven or eight years ago, these actions were classified as a criminal act, and a separate chapter was added to the Criminal Code. "The attack on the media I mentioned above... is clearly an illegal entry, an illegal seizure, an interference in the content."

Khalid Agaliyev said that the government's task is to implement the provisions of the Criminal Code, to identify and prosecute those who do so.

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