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Farmers bemoan rotting crops because of Russian border backups

Gubad Ibadoglu: "Exclusive dependence on Russia must be eliminated."

Recently, Azerbaijani farmers from Khachmaz, Goychay, Guba, Goranboy and Jalilabad have been protesting on social networks.

They complain that they have difficulty getting their products to the Russian market and in the meanwhile, they are left with rotten goods. Just a few days ago, farmers from Goychay protested.

They note that the demand for their products in the local market is not high, as everyone in the region is engaged in farming, albeit in small numbers. Bringing the crops to Baku, on the other hand, is often not cost-effective, and requires informal connections, stating, "only someone with connections can go there. Or you have to give half of what you earn so that they will allow it. ”

The main problem stems from the Samur Customs Post at the Russian border.

Economist Gubad Ibadoglu notes that hundreds of trucks moving in the direction of Russia are waiting in line to cross the border at Samur. Farmers' expenses for this year have also increased significantly compared to previous years. Thus, transportation costs have risen significantly.

Ibadoglu considers it important to take some steps to solve the problem. One of them is the diversification of export markets. “Exceptional dependence on Russia must be eliminated", says the economist. He also sees another possible step being the use of alternative options for the transportation of agricultural products to Russian markets, especially rail transport.

MP Elman Nasirov also spoke about the problems of farmers in his speech in parliament.

He said that Jalilabad farmers have problems with potato exports, and called on the leadership of the Customs Committee to solve the problem.

Gubad Ibadoglu says that the situation is not the fault of the customs authorities, but of artificial obstacles and logistical problems created by Russia.

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