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European Movement Azerbaijan Chair Ramin Hajili arrested

Hajili is charged in a criminal case involving immigrants.

The Azerbaijan European Movement Chair Ramin Hajili has been arrested. This was reported to Meydan TV by the press service of the Prosecutor General's Office.

"Ramin Hajili is involved in a criminal case under investigation at the Prosecutor General's Office. He was remanded in custody by a court decision", the prosecutor's office said.

According to another source, Meydan TV, Ramin Hajili is accused in a criminal case involving emigrants. It is alleged that Ramin Hajili took money from people who wanted emigrate from Azerbaijan and prepared fake documents for them.

Ramin Hajili was recently prosecuted on the basis of testimonies of Azerbaijani citizens deported from Germany, and charged under Articles 178 (fraud) and 320 (preparation of false documents or use of such documents) of the Criminal Code.

According to the source, along with Ramin Hajili, several other people were also involved in this criminal case.

Ramin Hajili had previously been arrested on charges of illegally crossing the border.

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