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Doctors punished for mistreatment of disabled patient after Meydan TV coverage

Three doctors were reprimanded after Meydan TV published Aynur Elgunesh's piece on her mistreatment.

Doctors in Mingachevir City Hospital were punished by the Azerbaijani Management Union of Medical Territorial Units (TƏBİB) after their mistreatment of a disabled individual came to light.

On 4 June, journalist Aynur Elgunesh travelled to Mingachevir to obtain the paperwork she needs to renew her drivers license. In Azerbaijan, people with disabilities must receive doctor approval every two years to renew their license.

Elgunesh detailed the humiliation she endured until the hospital staff became aware she was a journalist, with one doctor mockingly saying, "How can you even drive with that foot?", and asking her, "Go home, you're useless. Should I write on the document that you are useless?"

The article was discussed widely on social media and reposted by other news outlets. Then came TƏBİB's response:

According to the results of the investigation into the unfavorable treatment of journalist Aynur Elgunesh at Mingachevir City Central Hospital, the hospital's chief physician Eldar Karimov, traumatologist Javid Ismayilov and surgeon Tofig Balakishiyev have been disciplined and reprimanded.

We hope that such unethical behavior by medical staff will not be repeated. We invite our citizens as well as media representatives to work together in the fight against negative situations. We are confident that public criticism will bear fruit," the statement read.

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