Nurlan Gahramanli (Libre) and Elmaddin Shamilzade

Source: Personal Facebook's of Nurlan Gahramanli and Elmaddin Shamilzade

Caption: Nurlan Gahramanli (Libre) and Elmaddin Shamilzade

Detained journalists summoned by police

"The deputy chief said that if the protocols were written incorrectly, they would be annulled."

Journalists Nurlan Gahramanli and Elmaddin Shamilzade, who were detained on the night of 14 May, were summoned to the Baku Main Police Department.

This was reported to Turan by Shamilzade.

On 15 May, Deputy Chief Vugar Alakbarov met with the journalists.

"Deputy Chairman Vugar Alakbarov received us and had a preventive talk. He even aired some of his criticisms about journalists. We also told him about the shortcomings we saw in the police. He told us that the issue would be investigated, and if the protocols about us were written incorrectly, they would be annulled", said Shamilzade.

On the night of 14 May, journalist Elmaddin Shamilzade was detained in the city for not wearing a mask and taken to the 26th police station, and then fined 200 AZN. Shamilzade states that he was fined illegally.

Nurlan Gahramanli was detained while covering the incident and was fined 50 AZN. Furthermore, Gahramanli says that he has been subject to police pressure for his journalistic work.

Elshad Hajiyev, head of the media and public relations department of the Interior Ministry's press service, replied to his statements, saying that the allegations about the pressure on Gahramanli were completely baseless and false.

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