ANAMA workers destroy a phosphorus rocket. Fuzuli, Azerbaijan, 18 November 2020.

Source: Meydan TV

Caption: ANAMA workers destroy a phosphorus rocket. Fuzuli, Azerbaijan, 18 November 2020.

Azerbaijan's Prosecutor General has released landmine statistics

On 11 August, the Prosecutor General's Office of Azerbaijan released information on civilian casualties and injuries related to mines in the regained areas through the Fall 2020 War.

According to the statement, 23 civilians have been killed and 36 injured by landmines from 10 November 2020 to 11 August 2021.

Between 1992 and 2021, 639 civilians were killed and 2,806 injured in landmines in the region.

A total of 7,449 anti-personnel mines, 3,643 anti-tank mines and 9,033 anti-personnel mines were found in the regained territories from 11 November 2020 to 31 May 2021.

During this period, a total of 14,136,179 square meters was cleared of mines.

Samir Poladov, Deputy Chairman of the Azerbaijan Mine Action Agency (ANAMA), said in April that more than 808 mines, including 547,370,949 square meters, had been cleared in the country from 1998-2020. Explosive devices, including 3,481 mines from 14,136,179 square meters from November 10, 2020 to March 30, 2021 were found and seized.

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