New Toll Roads in Azerbaijan

Bakı-Astara yolu

Bakı-Astara yolu

Azerbaijan is investing in toll roads including along the Iranian route border the Baku-Alyat-Astara route. The contract was awarded to Azeravtoyol JSC, which is now overseeing construction.

The company’s spokesperson, Anar Najafli, notes that drivers will not be required to use the more expensive toll rod: “The project does not mean that drivers travelling in this direction will use only this road. There will be an alternative route."

The cost for a kilometer will on the type of vehicle (car or truck), ranging from – 0,04 to 0,07 qapik (approximately 0,02-0,04 USD). The route of the new highway will be 40 km shorter than the existing one, reports Trend.

“If investors can be found, we will also build a new highway between Guba-Shamakhi, reducing the current route by 200 km,” added Najafli.

Toll revenues will be spent on road maintenance, according to Azeravtoyol JSC.

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