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Ministry of Defense: Colonel killed by a landmine while searching for dead

Article was updated on :  24 November 2020

A Russian peacekeeping officer was also injured in the blast

Deputy commander of the corps, Colonel Babak Samidli, was killed in a mine explosion while searching for the bodies of those killed in the fighting near the village of Sugovushan.

The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry confirmed the incident. The ministry's press service head spoke to BBC News' Azerbaijani Service, saying:

"Deputy Corps Commander Colonel Babak Samidli was killed in a mine explosion while searching for bodies together with Russian peacekeepers."

Dargahli also said that a Russian peacekeeping officer was injured in the blast.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the officer injured in the blast was taken to a hospital in Baku, and his life is not in danger.

According to the report, four employees of the separatists' Ministry of Emergency Situations in Karabakh were also injured in the blast.

The report also says that Azerbaijani servicemen, Russian peacekeepers, representatives of the separatists in Karabakh and the International Committee of the Red Cross were involved in the search.

The colonel will be buried in Goychay on 24 November.

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Article was updated on :  24 November 2020
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