An artist's interpretation of police officers checking SMS permissions of citizens in Baku.

Source: Meydan TV

Caption: An artist's interpretation of police officers checking SMS permissions of citizens in Baku.

Coronavirus Update: 40 more deaths in Azerbaijan

Operational Headquarters: "1,995 people have recovered."

On 1 December, 41 patients died of COVID-19 infection in Azerbaijan.

The statement came from the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers.

It was reported that 4,426 people were infected with the new coronavirus, and 1995 people were treated and cured.The operative headquarters reminded that 125,602 people have been infected with coronavirus in Azerbaijan so far: “76,897 of them have been treated and 1,433 patients have died. At present, the number of active patients is 47,272.

At the same time, 17,621 tests were conducted to identify new infections in the last 24 hours, and a total of 1,746,198 tests have been conducted overall.

Coronavirus restrictions have been furthered until 28 December 2020 in order to combat the spread of the virus. While not enacting official restrictions as neighboring country Turkey has, the Azerbaijani government has recommended those over 65 not leave their homes.

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