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Azerbaijanis abroad ready to take in compatriots unable to return home because of coronavirus

Article was updated on :  16 March 2020

Azerbaijanis living abroad are inviting fellow citizens who cannot return to their homeland because of the coronavirus to live with them.

In order to prevent the spread of the virus, borders between Azerbaijan and Iran, Turkey, Georgia were closed, and flights from many countries were canceled.

The number of Azerbaijani citizens stranded abroad because of this is still unknown. But these types of ads have started appearing on social media:

“If someone is unable to fly home from Berlin and has nowhere to live, they can come stay in my apartment for free.”

These same offers are coming from different cities in Europe, as well as in Turkey and Kazakhstan.

There are currently 2 active coronavirus cases reported in Azerbaijan. Six people have recovered, and one has died.

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Article was updated on :  16 March 2020
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